CBDistillery Functional Synergy Mushroom Caps Unwind Blend

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Functional Synergy CBN + CBD Unwind Mushroom Blend by CBDistillery™ marries the symbiotic power of hemp with Reishi and Chaga functional mushroom fruiting body extracts. The natural terpenes combined in this capsule are designed to enrich your nighttime CBD routine, helping you to unwind after a long, stressful day and promoting the sleep you need for a better tomorrow. Each capsule contains 5mg of CBN, 15mg of CBD, 300mg of Reishi mushroom fruiting body extract, and 300mg of Chaga mushroom fruiting body extract, to encourage relaxation and stress reduction. Settle into your evening ritual and harness the Entourage Effect with this convenient, portable, on-the-go blend of CBN, CBD, and Functional Mushrooms formulated in a single capsule. Functional Sleep Synergy – get the rest you deserve.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review