Paw CBD Pet Shampoo Itchy Pup


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Product Overview

Does your dog struggle with skin sensitivity? Do you often find them scratching and chewing on their fur? It’s time for a canine spa day! Help your pooch relax and give them the relief of a foamy, soothing lather with our Itchy Pup CBD shampoo. The gentle ingredients of olive oil, oatmeal, honey, and the calming properties of hemp-derived CBD will leave your dog feeling relaxed, clean, and ready for snuggles! Bath time is a bonding experience, and you can deliver a double dose of wellness with this skin-soothing dog CBD shampoo.

  • Premium, hemp-derived CBD provides calming benefits
  • Olive oil, oatmeal, and honey cleanse and moisturize skin
  • Soothing, pet-friendly ingredients
  • Fragrance free with no harsh chemicals
  • Perfect for pups with sensitive skin


(No reviews yet) Write a Review